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Luxury Handmade 100% Soy Wax Melts

Our Collections

Luxury Products, Competitive Prices

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Signature Scents

12 signature scents finished with dried botanicals. Classic, bestselling aromas that will fill your home with a long lasting, luxurious, fresh scent.

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Botanical Range

Our Botanical range is made up of 4 beautifully detailed scents. All wax melts in the Botanical range are finished with dried petals which look so pretty once melted. They are available in 5 segment snap bars.

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Spa Scents

4 relaxing, fresh scents beautifully presented in a glass jar containing 15 individual melts. Sit back, relax and unwind.

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Winter Scents

A seasonal collection made up of 8 winter scents. Perfect to pop on and get cosy as they fill your home with reminiscent notes.


Fragrance Diffusers

Luxury Fragrance Diffusers in 4 popular scents. Highly scented and long lasting- a beautiful alternative for those who want a flame free home fragrance.

Gift Sets

Our gift sets are the perfect package for any home fragrance lover. They are priced at £25 each and contain a burner, a diffuser and melts.